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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Welcome to the Space Show Delayed in UK

Manga Entertainment UK has announced that the UK Release of the Anime Welcome To The Space Show on DVD & Blu-ray has been delayed until 2nd July 2012.

The announcement comes from their official Twitter account after eagle eyed follower Joshawott asked the following question:
@MangaUK I've seen some sites saying Welcome to the Space Show is out on 2nd July. Has it been delayed, or still due out in December?

Shortly after Manga Entertainment UK replied with the following message.
@Joshawott Busted! #WelcomeToTheSpaceShow has been bumped back to 2nd July so we can spend more time on the dub. It's going to be epic. Soz!

Originally Welcome To The Space Show was due for release in the UK on 5th December 2011, however because Manga Entertainment UK want to improve the dub, which is being produced by Michael Sinterniklaas exclusively for the UK, the release of the anime will now be delayed into 2012.

Monday, 10 October 2011

New Anime Blu-ray UK Release (10/10/11)

This week's Anime Blu-ray release is Freedom - Collectors Edition, which is being brought to us in the UK by Manga Entertainment UK.

Originally Freedom was licensed by Beez Entertainment in the UK and a very discreet Blu-ray boxset was released for a relatively high price, well now that Manga Entertainment UK own's the license they have re-released the set at half the cost.

Unlike previous Blu-ray releases this particular set contains not only the Blu-ray but it also contains the DVD Version of this particular series, making it the first Double Play edition of a TV Series released by Manga Entertainment UK

The Blu-ray contains the complete series (all 7 episodes) and its special features, which last up to an hour themselves, as well as two DVDs (one contains the series, the other contains the special features) - additionally four postcards inpsired by the film are also included in this Collectors Edition.

Freedom: Collectors Edition > £24.99 (Amazon UK / Play UK) £25.99 (HMV UK)

Plot: In the year 2041, mankind created their first space colony on the moon. But after a freak cataclysm devastated human civilisation on Earth, the republic of the moon built a domed megalopolis known as Eden. Now in the year 2267, a boy called Takeru spends his time engaging in hover-craft races against rival street gangs, unaware that he is about to embark in the journey of unearthing Eden's origin.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Trigun: Badlands Rumble - REGION FREE

Trigun: Badlands Rumble

Region: A and B (Confirmed Playable in the UK)
-- Boxart States Regions A and B

Price: $18.99 / £12.20 (Excludes Postage)

Episodes: 1 Feature-Length-Film

Plot: In town surrounded by quicksand, an outlaw from Vash the Stampede’s past has resurfaced after twenty years.

His name is Gasback – and he’s looking to cause a little trouble. It seems Gasback has a serious beef with the town’s mayor, who’s paying dozens of bounty hunters to protect his turf.

One of those hired guns is a beautiful woman with a vendetta against Gasback. Will she get a shot at revenge? Maybe, if she can get through Gasback’s bodyguard, Wolfwood. And what’s Vash got to do with this mess? Nothing much – except for the fact that he personally set off the entire chain of events two decades ago!