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Friday, 11 February 2011

Casshern Sins - Part 2 - REGION LOCKED

Casshern Sins - Part 2


Price: £22.56 (Excluding Postage)

Episodes: 13 - 24 (2 Disc Set)

Plot: In the wake of a devastating plague known as the Ruin, Casshern - a cybernetic assassin with no memory of his past - must fight to save a civilization he pushed to the brink of destruction.

He hunts the one they call Braiking Boss, the robotic overlord who ordered Casshern to serve as the executioner of Luna: bringer of salvation.

Surrounded by dying eyes that look upon him with fear and disgust, Casshern walks the wasteland of his own creation, driven to destroy Braiking Boss and remind Luna of her duty.

Should she fail to heed his warning, Casshern must assume the specter of death in order to salvage what little beauty remains in a ruined world.

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