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Monday, 27 June 2011

New Anime Blu-ray UK Release (27/6/11)

This week sees Manga Entertainment UK release another Blu-ray and this time its the long awaited High Definition re-master of AKIRA - which some would say its the release every anime fan has been waiting for.

To Celebrate MangaUK have decided to release the Blu-ray in a variety of different formats, first off there is a standard DVD, secondly there is a standard Blu-ray and last but not least is a Worldwide Exclusive Steelbook Edition which according to MangaUK is only available in very limited quantities.

This release has not only been re-mastered in High Definition but it also features the newer "english" audio track (the 2001 version), as previously seen (or heard) on previous DVD releases & last saturday on SyFyHD where Akira HD had its first UK TV Premire debut.

This super limited Collector's Edition pack comes with the new remastered edition of Akira on Blu-ray, beautifully restored in full high definition, with an incredible True HD soundtrack, plus the Akira feature DVD disc along with a specially produced 40-page booklet exclusive to the UK and packaged inside a gorgeous steelbook case.

Standard Blu-ray -> £17.93 (Amazon UK), £17.99 (Play UK / HMV UK)
Steelbook Blu-ray -> £17.93 (Amazon UK), £17.99 (Play UK / HMV UK)

Plot: A landmark film that introduced much of the Western world to modern anime, AKIRA is a marvel of modern animation. Based on Katsuhiro Otomo's 2,000 page manga, AKIRA begins on July 16, 1988, when what was believed to be an atomic bomb was dropped on Tokyo, completely destroying the city and marking the beginning of WWIII.

Thirty-one years later, Neo-Tokyo has sprung from the ruins of the old city and is experiencing a prolonged period of civil unrest caused by student uprisings, political instability, and, most destructively, biker gangs. One of the members of these biker gangs, Tetsuo, is detained by the military after a near accident with a strange young boy.

After recognising innate psychic ability in him, the military begins using Tetsuo as a test subject to channel Akira, a source of unimaginable power and the cause of the explosion that destroyed the original Tokyo. However, the military's plan backfires, and instead of locating the source of Akira's power, Tetsuo becomes a medium for it.

Endowed with incredible psychic powers that make every one of his destructive impulses a reality, Tetsuo begins to go on a rampage that threatens to completely annihilate Neo Tokyo. Combining a complex science-fiction universe with intricately detailed animation and phantasmagoric images, AKIRA is a stunning visual experience and a disturbing vision of the future.

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