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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Manga UK Cancels UK Blu-ray Release of X'AMD

Manga Entertainment UK has recently announced on Twitter that they plan on cancelling the UK Blu-ray of X'AMD - Lost Memories due to poor Blu-ray sales in the UK.

This would make it the third TV Series that has been cancelled in a year, as previously Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Casshern Sins were both cancelled due to poor sales of the Blu-rays.

X'AMD Lost Memories - Collection 2 was scheduled for release later this year on both Blu-ray & DVD, however only the DVD version of the anime will now be released in the UK.

According to Manga UK only 100 Copies of the Blu-ray were sold in the first 3 weeks of release and according to Manga UK this is a low amount.

In the future Manga Entertainment UK will choose which titles they will bring to the UK on Blu-ray by monitoring the USA Blu-ray releases, if it sells well in america they may bring it out here in the UK (if they own the license). You can read there full announcement on Twitter here.

Either way its sad news for people who planned on owning the complete collection of X'AMD Lost Memories on Blu-ray in the UK, espically when the USA Versions are REGION LOCED.

Other Blu-ray titles, such as Highschool Of The Dead, which is due for release on 29th August, will still be released on Blu-ray and will not be affected by this recent decision.


  1. Buy Blu rays u idots! >.<

  2. Just saying you can buy madmans australia blurays as they are region B and since they author thier disks for manga they are identical to mangas releases

  3. but they cost more which sucks

  4. I'm not surprised Xam'd didn't sell (Though I think it's a great show, it wasn't hugely known) but I am surprised about FMA.
    It is a shame though, I'd have liked to have Xam;d on blu ray without having to buy a US player - which it looks like I might have to.

  5. XAM'D looked fantasic on Blu-ray, but i don't think many people have heard the show (hence the low sales).

    In terms of pricing, well of course Blu-rays are going to be more expensive than DVDs - they cost more to produce and offer better picture and audio quality when compared to DVD. Even so Blu-rays (when buying online) are just as cheap (or competively priced) as DVDs are.

    Apparently (as someone mentioned) XAM'D and the rest of FMA Brotherhood is available to buy from Australia (which is REGION B) however AUS Blu-rays are usually extremely expensive, espically the shows listed.

  6. nobody has any faith anymore in manga entertainment cause that´s the 3rd one they cancelled making another incompleet series.
    also anybody know if Spice and Wolf Season 02 Collection Blu-Ray Limited edition is region B i know that Spice and Wolf Season 02 Collection DVD/Blu-Ray Combo pack Spice and Wolf Season 02 Collection DVD/Blu-Ray Combo pack is region B but i would like 2 buy the limited edition instead off the COMBO one.

  7. Usually if the normal Combo Pack is Region B, then the Limited Edition version will be the same - as its just the same disc's repackaged.

    The same happened with GA-REI-ZERO, i got the Limited Edition Bundle & someone else got the Combo Pack, both turned out to be region B Compatible.

  8. where do people buy AUS blu-rays?

  9. AUS = Australia
    USA = America

    AUS are Region Coded B, so they will automatically play in the UK - hence why some people buy them, but they are very expensive compared to the UK and USA

    USA are Region Coded A, however some of them are also encoded Region B - which means they will work in the UK. USA Blu-rays are cheaper than AUS, and sometimes cheaper than UK Blu-rays (or work out about the same).

  10. The music for this by Boom Boom Satellites is awesome. Shut Up and Explode & Back on my Feet again.

    Go listen to them!!

    I got into this because of who produce them. BONES! It was easy decision since they made Eureka Seven. Enjoyed it, not as much as E7. But it was good.