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Monday, 21 November 2011

New Anime Blu-ray UK Release (21/11/11)

This week's Anime Blu-ray release in the UK is none other than the epic conclusion to Eden Of The East with the second feature-length movie Eden of The East: Paradise Lost which is being brought to us in the UK via Manga Entertainment UK and is available on both high definition Blu-ray or standard definition DVD.

Paradise Lost continues where The King Of Eden left off with Saki and her friends in trouble with the law after suspicion arises that they are terrorists, its now up to Saki and Takizawa to unravel the truth behind the Selecao as well as outmaneuver the other players in the game, making this one of the most plot-twisting and intriguing anime of this year.

If you have not seen Eden Of The East TV Series, let alone Eden Of The East: The King Of Eden then this second movie will make no sense and would be rather pointless in watching it, however if you are interested then i'd highly recomend watching the TV Series from the begining as this anime has a ton of surprises in store for you.

Eden Of The East: Paradise Lost -> £14.99 (Amazon UK / HMV UK / Play UK)

Plot: The story of political and subversive intrigue in the series finally reaches endgame. Even as the law enforcement net tightens around Saki and her fellow Eden of the East associates over alleged terrorist activities, the complex web surrounding the mysterious Mr. Outside is finally untangled as the remaining Selecao attempt to outmaneuver one another. Takizawa's memories and identity are also finally revealed including his association with a former Prime Minister and his request to be the King of Eden.

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