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Monday, 26 September 2011

New Anime Blu-ray UK Release (26/09/11)

This week's, or should i say this month's, Anime Blu-ray release in the UK is none other than Fumihiko Soris's To that is being released under the title of 2001 Nights by Manga Entertainment UK.

2001 Nights contains two different types of episodes, one of them being a Japanese CGI Movie, while the other is an OVA Movie, both of which have been adapted from two stories in Yukinobu Hoshino's 2001 Nights Manga franchise. The two stories were originally called "Symbiotic Planet" and " Elliptical Orbit" and are part of Hosino's long storyline about mankind's voyages into space.

2001 Nights (also known as TO for the American Release) is a perfect example of two different animation styles being used to tell one combined story, in a sense giving a similar experience to what Dead Space: Downfall, The Animatrix & Halo Legends did with each story being told by a different artist or animation style.

2001 Nights (aka TO) -> £15.99 (Amazon UK / HMV UK / Play UK)

Plot: Join the acclaimed director, Fumihiko Sori (Vexille, Ichi) and the producers of Appleseed and Halo Legends for an epic journey to the stars told across two stunning sci-fi fables.

A crew returns home after 15 years in space. While they have only aged by two years, everyone they know is now fifteen years older.

One hundred years have passed and mankind presses on ever deeper into the solar system. But far from establishing a new world order in space, man has brought the same old rivalries and conflicts with him. A war erupts as the race to colonize a new Earth intensifies.

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