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Friday, 3 February 2012

MangaUK Confirms a selection of Blu-ray Releases

Manga Entertainment UK has today confirmed, via a pre-order list on Anime-On-Line, a selection of Blu-ray titles that will be released during the spring/summer season of 2012.

Titles Include:

- Angel Beats (Complete Collection)
- Bleach - Movie 1: Memories Of Nobody
- Bleach - Movie 2: Diamond Dust Rebellion
- Bleach - Movie 3: Fade To Black
- Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society (Double Play)
- Mardock Scramble: The First Compression
- Naruto Shippuden: Double Movie Bundle (Movies 1 & 2)
- Roujin Z
- Welcome To The Space Show (Double Play)

Additionally Both Fullmetal Alchemist movies will also be released on Blu-ray within the next year.

Some of the above titles, such as Angel Beats & Ghost In The Shell had been mentioned on Twitter in the past, but confirmation had not been definate - but now with this list all of the above titles will be released in the UK at some point this year.

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