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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Three Pokemon Movies Coming to Blu-ray in UK

Amazon UK have recently listed three Pokemon Movies for sale on Blu-ray, with a current release date set for the 2nd April 2012.

According to Amzon UK the Three Pokemon Movies will be released in Two Seperate Packages, with Pokemon Movie 4 (Pokemon 4Ever) and Pokemon Movie 5 (Pokemon Heroes) being released together in one Blu-ray set, while Pokemon Movie 7 (Pokemon: Destiny Dexoys) released on its own, with all three films being released in the UK by Studiocanal.

Additionally the BBFC Website has recently rated Pokemon: Destiny Dexoys and given it a U Rating and is currently one of the few Pokemon films that has not been officially released in the UK, Once more the film was submitted to the BBFC by Studiocanal, who is the studio that are releasing the films in the UK on Blu-ray.

Pokemon Movies 5 and 7 had previously been released as a single package in the USA, which was released by Miramax Entertainment. The picture quality was surprisingly good, considering how old the film is - the only downside to the Blu-ray was that it only featured English Stereo 2.0 (when the DVDs had Surround Sound) and it did not have any extra features, so heres hoping that Studiocanal's version improves upon Miramax's version.

Both Pokemon Blu-ray sets are available to pre-order from Amazon UK for £17.99 and are scheduled for release on the 2nd April 2012, a week before the Pokemon Black & White Double Film Pack is released on DVD in the UK.

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