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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Black Lagoon UK Blu-ray Release Date Confirmed

According to this weekends MCM Expo the Black Lagoon Blu-ray Boxset is expected to be released on the 9th July in the UK, however pre-orders have yet to appear online.

Well today one curious Anime fan, Simonm094 tweeted to Manga Entertainment asking if the release date was correctly printed in the Magazine and Manga UK replied stating that the date printed in the MCM Expo Magazine was indeed correct. Thus confirming that Black Lagoon Collection will be released on Blu-ray in the UK on 9th July 2012.

So UK Fans, not only are we getting the Bleach Movie Trilogy on Blu-ray this coming monday which fills out the rest of May, but we will also be getting Roujin Z and Angel Beats in June and now confirmed is Black Lagoon Blu-ray Boxset. Looks like the UK Anime Blu-ray Market is starting to pick up.

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