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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Welcome To Anime Blu-ray UK

Welcome to "Anime Blu-ray UK", a small blog created by anime fan & gamer "Emo185".

The purpose of the"Anime Blu-ray UK" blog is to share information of Anime blu-ray releases in the UK, as well as show you which non-UK Blu-rays work in the UK and where you can buy them from.

Much like DVD's, Blu-ray disc's and blu-ray players have "region encoding" implied on them, meaning that only the correct region disc will work in your player. If you purchased your PS3 / Blu-ray player from within the UK then it should be a REGION B Player, however if not it could be one of three different regions (as shown below).

Region A = America & Canada
Region B = UK & Europe
Region C = Asia

To Check which region your player is you could either consult your manual or check the back of the machine, as most blu-ray players list what region the machine is on the back.

Some distributors make the disc's REGION FREE, so these disc's will work in any part of the world, this usually happens when the disc is released worldwide within the same week or if the distributor deciedes to release it this way.

Most Blu-ray disc's however are REGION LOCKED, espically anime blu-ray discs, but this blog will show you which Anime Blu-rays will work in the UK.

So stay "tooned" and enjoy the world of HD Anime.

1 comment:

  1. I just found this site. Loving it. I've been into animé for a while now and I hate the fact it's so hard to get animé blu-rays with Region B code. And DVDs as well.

    There have been a small selection of animé series coming out in the UK which is good. I'll be getting Highschool of the Dead and my friend might buy Baccano!

    They worry about people downloading, it's because they can't get it. If all the blu-rays and dvds were region free it'll be loads better.

    I'd have next to no money with the amount of blu-ray animé series I'd be buying. But since they hardly release them here. I have to resort to watching them on youtube or something.

    Keep up the awesome work!